Why drive a Mustang? Prius is better.

While I was walking in San Francisco with my brother this week, I saw this.

It got me thinking. Why would someone (a man) buy and drive a Ford Mustang? Do they “just like the lines”? or are they trying to find a way to keep the sheets warm on cold, foggy Bay Area nights?

Both a  2017 Toyota Prius and a 2017 Ford Mustang cost about $30,000 USD to buy new in the United States. While one could argue that the Ford Mustang is a pretty sexy car (and by sexy I mean accident inducing) I think I would choose the Prius instead. Sure, the having a Mustang would help me date 22 year-old college students, but I also imagine that the Prius would help me keep enough cash around to buy drinks for my questionably dates.

According to Edmunds.com, while the Mustang gets about 21 miles per gallon in city driving, the Toyota Prius gets 51 mpg in the city. That’s just about 2.5 times less gas burned for the same distance. If you drive 10,000 miles a year, then at the current price of gas of $2.70USD per gallon, the driving the Prius means you will spend $726USD less per year.

Put another way, that’s a week’s vacation in Mexico!

At the same time, using some internet car insurance rate estimator tool called nerdwallet.com I learned that driving the Mustang will probably cost me $30USD a month more than driving the Toyota Prius. That’s $360USD you get to keep in the bank, every year if you drive the Toyota.  If you invest that money in  gym membership at the Berkeley YMCA, not only will you be able to date the sort of women who go for muscle-bound Mustang drivers, but also, date more of them since you’ll live longer.

A quick look at goodyear.com reveals that on average one (1) Mustang tire costs about $250USD, while a similar quality Prius tire costs about 100USD. Assuming you change your tires every 50,000 miles, driving a Prius saves you $120USD a year or ($600 USD every five years if you drive 10,000 miles a year).

The most important point is that the Prius can also help land you dates with environmentally aware graduate school students who will be earning 6 figures in a few years. The Mustang, however, gets you a date with people who un-ironically wear Duke’s of Hazard clothing.

A great show for denim, cowboy hats, old symbols of racist nationalism and tight abs.

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